Chemical Service Benefits

In an industry with as many intricacies as this one, it pays to do business with the best. It’s complex, it’s hazardous and every order has the potential to be different from the last based on new specifications. As a leader in chemical blending solutions, SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division works closely with our customers to provide an unmatched level of service. Here are just a few ways that our vast range of services can benefit your business.

Blending Services

We work with industrial chemicals of all kinds. Our team of chemists and materials handlers are well trained and have the right experience to get your order right every time. What exactly can we offer you? We can meet your order for traditional solvent blends or complex specialty orders. We operate blend tanks and packaging lines capable of processing products with up to 10,000 cP Brookfield Viscosity. What’s more, we take care to protect your intellectual property. Our confidentiality agreements mean your unique chemical products are safe with us. We also do custom blending and packaging in one impressive facility, which can greatly simplify the end-to-end ordering process for your business.

Filling Services

Our chemical filling solutions are comprehensive. At SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division, we handle liquid chemicals and substances, and fill based on specific requests. We know that filling solutions are not one size fits all, which is why we fill the following:

  • Can and bottle filling from 4 fluid ounces to 5 gallons
  • Drum and tote filling of 55 gallons or more
  • Metal or plastic containers
  • Trigger sprayers

Our chemical handlers and filling staff adhere to the strictest safety standards, ensuring that we, you and your product are in the best hands. We also emphasize accuracy. Our customers know that they will always receive exactly what they’ve ordered.

Chemical Warehousing

Your chemicals are ordered and blended, but now you face the challenge of housing it. It’s not always feasible to maintain industrial chemicals at your own facility, which is why SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division is happy to be your chemical warehousing provider. As a leading contract chemical packaging company, we offer storage solutions suited to the chemicals themselves. For example, we maintain the right room temperature and proximity to other chemicals to ensure that the chemicals are safely maintained. The benefit to you is that you have access to the chemicals you need when you need them — without worrying about complex warehousing requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about our unique chemical blending and warehousing services.