Sustainable packaging can put a serious dent in the amount of waste that results from manufacturing. SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division specializes in EPA packaging for chemical products that help businesses meet their sustainability goals. Done right, your packaging choices can change how you do business and improve public perception of your brand.
Below, learn more about the process behind EPA product packaging, and find out what SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division can do for you.

What Qualifies As Sustainable Packaging?

EPA packaging guidelines cover a broad range of packaging types, from bottles and cans to boxes and drums. In essence, the guidelines take into consideration the materials used, how they are discarded and what happens once they enter a landfill or a recycling facility. For example, EPA product packaging might include compostable packaging, or it could be options that make it easier to purchase and ship in bulk. Processing technologies are also considered — how is the packaging material itself manufactured? Does it minimize wasted product at every level? These are the types of questions that SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division answers every day in order to offer quality options for sustainable packaging solutions.

Why Go Sustainable?

Sustainability is far more than a buzzword. As public perception changes, more and more companies are catering to an environment-conscious customer base. Your customers want options that do the least amount of damage to the environment as possible, and that includes chemical products. For that reason alone, opting for EPA compliant packaging for chemical products gives you an important marketing tool.

There’s also a financial benefit to going sustainable. EPA products for packaging tends to be more lightweight and efficient, saving cost on shipping. And recycling packaging keeps good materials out of landfills and in circulation. Whatever your primary reason, SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division is here to walk you through your options and make sure you get the green packaging solutions you need for compliance.

Why Does Expertise Matter?

As far as sustainability goes, packaging seems like low-hanging fruit — and in many industries, it is. But for chemicals, achieving maximum sustainability is a bit more complex. The biggest difference is safety. What qualifies as sustainable in one industry might present a safety hazard in another. In addition to sustainable packaging guidelines, the EPA also spells out specific qualifications for what’s known as the Safer Choice Standard. Experts in eco-friendly product packaging can help you strike that perfect balance, and no one does it better than SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division.

Why SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division?

SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division specializes in end-to-end chemical services, from blending to shipping. Our skilled team understands the strategies that work, and we’re happy to put them to use for you. As the industry moves toward sustainable and EPA compliant packaging, you can count on us to lead the way. Learn more about our options for green packaging, and find out what SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division can do for you. Contact us today.