What Is Toll Blending?

There is more than one way to leverage the services of a chemical manufacturer. One of the more common agreements involves contract manufacturing, but toll blending is also an excellent option.

What is toll blending, and what is the difference between toll manufacturing and contract manufacturing? You have plenty to consider, and we want to provide guidance where we can. Read on to learn more about chemical toll manufacturing and how it differs from traditional contract manufacturing.

Chemical Toll Blending in a Nutshell

When engaging a contractor in chemical toll blending services, you supply the materials and your vendor does the heavy lifting. In this type of agreement, the contracting company provides all raw materials for the project. From there, the contractor oversees the process, providing plant facility space, machinery and equipment, and manpower. How you leverage toll blending depends on your industry. Several sectors such as automotive and agriculture (where raw chemical materials rank lower on priority inventory) are likely to engage a toll blending company.

How Is Toll Blending Different From Standard Contract Blending?

In many ways, the two options are similar. Yet in one key regard, contract blending is different. Whereas in toll blending, where the customer supplies materials, contract blending leans on the contractor to source and supply the raw materials. In other words, you give the marching orders, and the contractor executes using the resources available.

Which Option Is Best for Me?

A lot depends on what’s available to you and how you want to leverage your resources. Do you have surplus materials already, or will you be starting from scratch? Toll and contract blending give you two routes to take based on that question alone.

Then there are questions of cost. In contract manufacturing, the contractor sources the materials on your behalf. That puts the burden on the contractor in terms of securing quality materials at fair market prices. In essence, the vendor bears much more of the supply side cost risks. Of course, the details are usually fine-tuned by both parties so you receive quality services, regardless.

What Can I Expect From Working With SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division?

No two customers are the same, but all clients can expect the same level of professionalism when partnering with SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division. To help you decide whether toll blending or contract manufacturing is the smartest route for your business, our team works closely with yours to identify goals, efficient processes and resources available to both parties. Whichever path you choose, we make sure you come out on top.

All said, SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division takes pride in the quality we devote to every step of the value chain. From consulting and custom blending your chemicals to storage and distribution, you know that your chemical products are in the best hands.

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