Hazardous Chemicals In Plastic Packaging

In many ways, it’s a plastics world. The allure of plastics is irresistible for manufacturers and consumers alike. One particular sector touches virtually all others, and it’s adopting plastics at a breakneck speed: packaging.

While it’s efficient and protective, it’s also regarded as disposable. For that reason, plastic packaging comes with its own set of risks. Here’s what you should know about the chemicals inside your plastic packaging and how to mitigate the hazards to consumers and the environment.

Understanding the Hazards

By the time plastic packaging is in your hands, the chemicals used have undergone extensive change. Yet that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared. Plastic packaging is still largely petroleum-based, meaning that the hazards associated with petroleum and polymers are still in there.

For the consumer, that potentially means the foods shipped in plastic packaging are subject to chemical migration into the food itself if the right precautions aren’t taken (more on that in the next section). When the packaging is tossed, it can wind up as an environmental hazard — either settling as a permanent plastic fixture or seeping chemicals into water and soil.

The Importance of Proper Blending

The risk isn’t entirely out of our hands. Environmentally speaking, many plastics used in packaging can be recycled. What’s more, consumers and materials handlers can take personal precautions to protect themselves by making smart choices and patronizing reputable manufacturers.

Then there’s the source of the plastics. Like any other material, plastic production can be done cheaply — but not without consequences. Safe production of plastic packaging requires the use of high-quality raw materials. It also requires a close attention to detail and best practices during the blending process. A reputable chemical blending company will take every possible precaution and work with only the best chemicals to produce safe plastic packaging.

What SolvChem Custom Packaging Division Offers

At SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, we take pains to ensure we provide only the highest-quality chemical blends for plastics production. Our team of chemists is committed to accuracy, and our customers can count on a high level of professionalism at every step.

We have years of experience in most industrial sectors, and our reputation for quality blending speaks for itself. To learn more about our blending processes and the steps we take to make our products safe, contact SolvChem Custom Packaging Division today.