Contract Chemical Filling

Contract Filling

Custom Chemical Filling Services

Our services focus on liquid chemicals and substances. In addition to our standard oil and fuel blending services — as well as our signature chemical contract manufacturing — we ensure that your materials are handled as safely as possible and that your order is accurate every time.

It takes a level of skill and experience for safe chemical contract manufacturing services, which is why we are widely trusted for filling of hazardous, flammable and other chemical products. To help meet your business needs, we offer custom contract blending for multi-size containers. Our customers have good reasons to keep coming back to SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division as their contract filling company of choice.

Whatever your blending and packaging needs, we have you covered with our comprehensive contract filling services. Whether you are looking for filling service only or a full turnkey product source, the chemical experts at SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division can meet all your liquid packaging needs. As a contract liquid filling company, we offer a comprehensive array of services that are sure to meet your specifications.

Our team understands that container sizes vary from chemical to chemical and that a one-size-fits-all solution won’t always cut it. We specialize in meeting the specs you ask for, so that you have the chemicals you need the most in the right quantity. We fill metal or plastic containers as well as trigger sprayers:

  • Can and bottle filling from 4 fluid ounces to 5 gallons
  • Drum and tote filling of 55 gallons or more

We combine contract filling and packaging services such as blending, filling, component sourcing and quality assurance to ensure a final product that meets your requirements every time. With a turnkey program, one call to SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division results in the delivery of a finished product, allowing you to focus on other business issues.

Why SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division for Contract Chemical Packaging?

With a loyal customer base and services that constantly meet their needs, there is a reason SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division is known in the chemical industry for being a top-notch contract filling services company. What has customers coming back?

We operate a state-of-the-art facility that allows us to take on the most complex chemical blending needs. From lab analysis and blending to packaging and distribution, we have all the right tools at our disposal.

Our team is not only committed to meeting your requests, but they are some of the most highly trained chemists and materials handlers in the industry.

With a custom approach to contract filling and chemical blending, we are able to work with customers individually to make sure they have the right chemicals at the right time.

Let us help you meet the specific needs of your unique product project. Contact our knowledgeable and always helpful staff today to learn more about our custom blending and contract filling services.

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