Oil/Fuel Blending

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SolvChem Custom Packaging provides perfectly blended oil and refined fuel. For industry and consumer use, these blends can be created by combining heavy fuel and diesel oil in order to alter the intermediate viscosity so that it is usable and compatible with the right type of application. Our close attention to process and detail ensures that your oil/fuel blend does not produce sludge or sediment and that you only receive the highest quality product.

A Wide Range of Applications

We offer contract packaging services so that we can meet your requirements for high-quality blended fuel oils. Our blending capabilities are ideal for multiple customer applications. Oil and refined fuel blends can be used for camp fuel products, oil lamps, kerosene-burning heaters, lanterns, tiki torches and more.

Our Capabilities

We have an impressive degree of chemical expertise, as well as access to the most cutting edge custom-blending equipment.

  • Comprehensive lab analysis for all raw materials in order to determine compliance and quality specifications
  • 55-gallon to 24,000-gallon tank blending capacity
  • Capabilities for handling technically challenging emulsions
  • Blending and packaging viscous materials (Brookfield viscosities up to 10,000 cP, hot room available, as well)
  • Proprietary blending
  • Filtering

The SolvChem Custom Packaging team has the right capabilities for creating specialty oil and fuel combinations and protecting your own unique formula. We also have the regulatory knowledge to ensure that you meet all industry standards.

Why SolvChem Custom Packaging Division?

SolvChem Custom Packaging is home to the most capable and highly skilled experts who understand the ins and outs of chemical blending. In addition to oil and refined fuel blending options, we offer an extensive range of services for meeting virtually any chemical blending needs — from paint thinners and cleaners to automotive water based chemicals. We also provide a variety of customer services, including contract filling, chemical warehousing, chemical logistics and more.

Our team is happy to help you with any questions in regards to oil/fuel blending or any other quality service we provide, so contact us today.