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Windshield Wash

A chemical as frequently used as windshield washer fluid should be reliably high-quality. At SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, we specialize in bulk windshield wiper fluid services — including custom blending, contract filling, packaging, warehousing and transportation for windshield washer fluid — that give our customers the perfect blend every time.

Quality Bulk Washer Fluid

Whether you’re maintaining a fleet or replacing fluids for your personal vehicle, water just won’t do it. To protect against damage from extreme temperatures, only quality windshield washer fluid should be used. However, what’s in washer fluid that makes it the only smart option?

Windshield wash is the fluid used to clean the windshield of motor vehicles while they are being driven. There are many formulations, but most are a combination of solvents with a detergent. Dilution factors vary with the season. For example, in summer the dilution factor may be 1:10, while in winter this factor is more like 1:1. For dilution, distilled water is preferred because it doesn’t leave trace mineral deposits on the glass. Antifreeze may be added to the mixture to lower the freezing temperature, so the windshield wash works effectively during winter.

When it comes to windshield wiper fluid performance on which you can depend, SolvChem Custom Packaging Division is your best bet. As leading windshield washer fluid manufacturers, we take care to ensure that your blend is consistent and of the highest quality, and our bulk washer fluid options give you the flexibility to make smart economical decisions.

Applications for Windshield Washer Fluid

While the primary purpose of windshield washer fluid is to improve visibility while driving, it’s also a useful cleaning agent. It can be used in lieu of traditional glass cleaner while providing similar results. Specially blended to quickly clean glass surfaces, windshield wiper fluid makes for an excellent cleaner. It can also be used on surfaces that must be cleaned before placing an adhesive. For example, many glues require you to use a pristine surface to take full advantage of the adhesive’s properties. Wiper fluid removes debris and dries quickly.

Whatever your specific application, SolvChem Custom Packaging Division works to give you access to the highest-quality windshield washer fluid in bulk available.

Why SolvChem Custom Packaging Division is Your First and Last Stop for Wiper Fluid

There’s a reason SolvChem Custom Packaging Division continues to be a favorite for businesses seeking chemical services. We take product quality seriously, and our team takes pains to make sure the customer is satisfied every time.

Our chemists are experts in the custom blending of windshield wash. Using strict quality control measures, we formulate your product to your exact specifications while always striving for the top levels of quality and consistency. We accommodate your packaging requirements by filling to your desired size and type of windshield washer fluid container — from small cans and bottles to 5-gallon containers to windshield washer fluid drums and bulk windshield washer fluid totes.

To learn more about our options for quality windshield washer fluid concentrate in bulk or the chemical services we provide, contact SolvChem Custom Packaging Division today.

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