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If you need fast-drying paint thinner, toluene is an excellent option. As an industry-leading toluene distribution company, SolvChem is your top resource for high-quality chemicals ranging from toluene to traditional paint thinner. Toluene is a popular choice for countless thinning and cleaning purposes. Learn more about toluene and its industrial applications below, as well as how SolvChem, a reliable chemical processing company, can help meet your business needs.

What is Toluene?

Toluene is an industrial chemical used primarily as a solvent or thinner. It is also sometimes referred to as toluol. The chemical is water-insoluble liquid with very useful properties in industry, painting and art. One of its more attractive qualities is that it dries rapidly, making it ideal for several applications. SolvChem is widely regarded as a reliable blending and contract packaging company with the capabilities for customizing just the right toluene for your specific purposes.

Common Toluene Applications

Toluene is an incredibly useful chemical and has a range of applications that run the gamut. As a solvent, toluene is a fast-drying chemical perfect for thinning paints, enamels, varnishes and alkyd resins — although it does have limits due to how strong it is. It is commonly used as a thinner for specialty paints and coatings because it can be too strong for many conventional coatings. However, that same strength makes it an excellent degreaser and all-purpose cleaner.

The chemical is a common solvent for silicone sealants, many chemical reactants, rubber, printing ink, adhesives and glues, lacquers, leather tanners and disinfectants. Toluene can be used as an octane booster in gasoline fuels for internal combustion engines, and it can be used as a coolant because of its good heat-transfer capabilities in sodium cold traps used in nuclear reactor system loops. It also has multiple laboratory uses, ranging from niche biochemistry applications to serving as a solvent for carbon nanomaterials. As a leading blending and packaging company for toluene disinfectants and other products, SolvChem can help you make the right selection of toluene or paint thinner for your application.

Why SolvChem Custom Packaging Division?

SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, a leading packaging service company, has a solid reputation for taking a customized approach to custom blending and packaging services. Our team is made of dedicated experts who are eager to learn about your specific blending needs to help you accomplish business goals. We are experts in the blending and filling of toluene cleaners and more to precise customer specifications, and our regulatory knowledge of the chemical industry at large combined with our stringent quality control procedures ensures that you get the highest product quality and consistency possible. We specialize in everything from small quantities to large drums and totes.

In addition to custom chemical blending services, we offer chemical warehousing and toluene storage so that you have the chemical supplies when you need it most. Contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff members today, and find out more about our toluene options and other industrial chemicals and services.

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