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Quality paint thinner is crucial for achieving the perfect level of color and texture for any project — from painting on a large scale to smaller artist projects. SolvChem, one of the industry-leading paint thinner manufacturers, carries an excellent selection of options perfectly suited for your specific applications. Our selection is impressive, and our level of service as a paint thinner blending and packaging company is unmatched. Read more about paint thinner solvent blending and applications below, and find out how contract packaging company SolvChem can help you meet your paint thinner chemical needs.

What is Traditional Paint Thinner?

Paint thinner solvents are used to thin paint, and to clean up afterward. The most commonly used commercial paint thinner is made from 100 percent pure mineral spirits in order to ensure the highest level of quality and compatibility. Quality mineral spirits have a “flash point” of about 104 degrees Fahrenheit, giving it the characteristics that allow it to properly thin paint to a desired consistency.

What is Odorless Paint Thinner?

Odorless paint thinner is a substitute for traditional turpentine, and is an excellent alternative to regular paint thinner — the obvious benefit being that odorless paint thinner does not have the same powerful smell as traditional paint thinner.

What Are the Common Uses of SolvChem Paint Thinner?

SolvChem blended paint thinners are an outstanding option for thinning oil-based paints or stains, varnishes, polyurethanes, oil finishes and alkyd enamels. In addition to traditional painting, artists often use paint thinners to achieve a desired color or effect. A good paint thinner solvent is also recommended for post-painting cleanup. It can be used to clean brushes, rollers, spray equipment and roller trays. For artists, it can clean palettes and more — and can remove dirt and grease from many surfaces before painting begins. Similarly, paint thinner chemicals can be used to clean new wood before applying finishing and oil coatings — before refinishing. If you need to de-grease painted metal parts, rubber, linoleum, plastic or bare metal, paint thinner will get the job done for you.

The Benefits of a Quality Paint Thinner

When it comes to custom blending for thinner solvent, it always pays to opt for the highest-quality products available. The correct blend of paint thinner can go a long way toward achieving the ideal look permanently while giving the painter the right tools to do a clean, neat job. As a leading paint thinner manufacturer and paint thinner distribution company, SolvChem, puts a strong emphasis on quality products, and sells only the best paint thinners available.

Paint Thinner Storage

We also offer reliable paint thinner storage services. As with most chemicals, it takes a high level of expertise to safely store paint thinner. We take the guesswork out of it so you can have easy, safe access to your paint thinner or any other chemicals when you need them. As a provider of the best paint thinner options in the industry, we are serious about quality end-to-end services, from blending to paint thinner storage.


SolvChem is an industry-leading paint thinner chemical blending, filling, storage and packaging service company. We employ the most skilled chemists in the business, and we work closely with each customer to ensure that the final product is blended to your unique specifications — from small paint thinner bottles to large drums or totes. We also offer chemical warehousing and chemical storage services so you have access to the necessary products when you need them. Contact us today to learn more about our paint thinner chemical blending services and see how SolvChem can help solve your business or art needs.

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