Mineral Spirits

Mineral Spirits

Mineral Spirits

Some jobs call for a superior thinner and cleaner, and mineral spirits is an excellent option. As a premier custom blending and packaging company, SolvChem can create perfect bulk mineral spirits blends to suit your specific purposes. Often used in lieu of paint thinners and turpentine, mineral spirits is a highly popular option. Below, read more about the unique properties of quality mineral spirits and what the mineral spirits blending and packaging experts at SolvChem can do for you if you need 55-gallon mineral spirits drums or other sizes.

What Is Mineral Spirits?

Mineral spirits, sometimes referred to as white spirit, is a mixture of aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons. Mineral spirits typically are more thoroughly refined than standard paint thinners. The chemical is widely considered to be a superior thinner in reducing most brush-applied alkyd and oil paints, varnishes and enamels. As a leading chemical processing company, SolvChem provides only the highest quality options for both paint thinners and aliphatic mineral spirits.

Common Mineral Spirits Applications

Generally, mineral spirits can be used in any application where a paint thinner might be used. Mineral spirits has a wide range of applications for household and commercial. As a leading mineral spirits distribution company, SolvChem can help determine the right selection for your specific needs. Here are just a few common uses for the chemical:

  • Cleaning brushes, rollers and spray equipment
  • An adhesive
  • Cold degreaser
  • Compounders
  • Dry cleaning
  • Garages
  • Mat washes
  • Paint vehicle
  • Paint solvent
  • Resins
  • Solvent and solvent formulations
  • Spot removal
  • Stain removal
  • Wash-up solvent
  • Wood treating

What are Some Advantages of Mineral Spirits Over Paint Thinners?

Both options are excellent for different purposes. In many cases, it simply comes down to preference. SolvChem is a premier chemical blending and contract packaging company, and our team is more than happy to go over the benefits of each option. Here are just two reasons customers will opt for mineral spirits for oil paints and other types over paint thinners:

  • Mineral spirits has less of an odor. This is in large part due to the blending and distillation process. Odor or not, it is always recommended to use both products in a well-ventilated area.
  • Artists and painters sometimes prefer mineral spirits because its properties allow it to more quickly clean tools and utensils. This is because mineral spirits generally has been more thoroughly purified than paint thinners.

Why SolvChem Custom Packaging Division?

As a leading contract packaging company, SolvChem Custom Packaging Division takes a customer-focused approach to meeting your chemical product needs. We adhere to stringent quality control procedures to ensure that your products meet or exceed your expectations. Our packaging options include small cans and bottles, mineral spirits in 5-gallon containers, mineral spirits in 55-gallon drums and large totes. From chemical blending to chemical warehousing and chemical storage, our team is highly skilled and ready to help. Contact our chemical blending and packaging service company today to learn more about our options for blending your mineral spirits and providing you with the best services in the industry.

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