Lacquer Retarder

Lacquer Retarder

Lacquer retarder is a useful chemical for diluting lacquer for industrial use. As an industry-leading chemical processing company, SolvChem Custom Packaging Division offers the best in lacquer retarder options. We take care to blend your product to your specifications, and our turnkey services range from planning and blending to chemical warehousing and delivery. Read more below about lacquer thinner or retarder, specific uses and what SolvChem Custom Packaging Division can do to help you meet your industrial chemical needs.

Quality Lacquer Retarder for Industrial Use

Lacquer retarder, sometimes referred to as lacquer thinner, is a chemical that is widely used to dilute all types of lacquer. This chemical traditionally includes elements from several solvent families, including toluene, xylene, ketones, glycol ethers, alcohols and esters. Lacquer retarder can be uniquely blended based on the solvents that are included. This means that our blending services can help you better control solvent strength and evaporation rate. This product helps prevent blushing of nitrocellulose lacquers during periods of high humidity. During application, small amounts are added and then blended thoroughly until desired results are achieved. It is not recommended for use as a lacquer thinner.

As a top chemical processing company, SolvChem Custom Packaging Division has well-trained staff chemists who understand nitrocellulose lacquer retarder blends. We can help find the perfect blend for virtually any application.

Multiple Applications for Lacquer Retarder

Retarder for lacquer has long been an industry staple and has seemingly endless uses. As lacquer itself has multiple uses, the retarder used to adjust its properties also is very important. Lacquer traditionally is used to finish surfaces, such as wood and pottery. The solvent evaporation process is crucial to ensuring the perfect look and finish.

Additionally, lacquer retarder solvent can be used during cleanup. The chemical itself includes very strong cleaning agents that are perfect for in-home and industrial applications. For example, it can provide an excellent way to remove tar or unwanted paint spots. Lacquer retarder also can be used to dissolve aniline dyes and shellac.

From blending a lacquer retarder and packaging to storage and delivery, SolvChem Custom Packaging Division offers comprehensive services, regardless of your specific applications. Our knowledgeable staff knows the best uses and safe practices for all lacquer retarder blends.

Why SolvChem Custom Packaging Division?

Whether you need blending to unique specifications or chemical storage and delivery services, SolvChem Custom Packaging Division works hard to exceed your expectations. Our customer-centric approach means you get the chemical you need in just the right quantities.

At SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, our chemical experts collaborate with you to ensure that your final product is blended precisely to your specifications. We deliver custom solutions, including filling. Whether you need small quantities packaged in cans and bottles or large amounts in drums and totes, you get just what you need. Our vast warehouse allows us to safely store your chemical products until you need them. When you want to take delivery, simply contact us and we’ll plan your delivery to meet your timeline.

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