Glycol Ether Esters

Glycol Ether Esters

Quality glycol ether esters have an abundance of industrial uses, from paints and cleaners to pharmaceuticals. At SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division, we specialize in customized chemical services, including glycol blending and packaging. Our team is made up of the most knowledgeable and skilled chemists in the industry. When it comes to chemical blending, it pays to work with a distributor that understands the nature of the chemicals themselves, as well as all safety implications. Our team takes care to ensure that your customized order meets your specifications and that all orders are filled with the right amount of care. Read on to learn more about glycol ether esters, common industrial applications, and how SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division is committed to being your top source for quality blended chemicals.

What Are Glycol Ether Esters?

Glycol ether esters fall into the broader family of glycol ether chemicals. In essence, these types of chemicals are industrial grade ether solvents. With chemical properties including a high boiling point and low molecular weight, they are ideally suited for common industrial applications, such as those specified in the next section. They have been an industry staple for years, as they have proven to be reliable, safe and effective. As an industry leading chemical processing company, SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division specializes in blending the highest quality glycol ether esters. We work closely with you to ensure that we provide you with the exact blend that you require from our extensive glycol ethers list.

Common Applications

Glycol ether esters are highly versatile chemicals that are useful in a wide variety of applications. They have multiple industrial and consumer uses, the most common ones being paint and coatings, cleaners, inks, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In coatings, these liquids provide good solvency for a variety of resins, including acrylics, epoxies, polyesters, nitrocellulose and polyurethanes. As cleaners, they offer low toxicity, good wetting and penetration, and high solvency for polar and nonpolar materials. Additional applications include agricultural, cosmetic, ink, textile and adhesive products. At SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division, we understand these chemicals inside and out and can help steer you in the right direction, whatever your specific use of ether may be.

Why SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division Is Your Best Source for Glycol Ether Esters

SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division has established itself as a leader in chemical services, from chemical blending to chemical storage. We offer the highest level of chemical expertise in custom toll blending and filling of glycol ether esters. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable about the risks associated with chemical blending. We adhere to strict product control guidelines to ensure that your products are of the highest quality and consistency. We can fill cans and bottles up to five-gallon sizes, as well as drums and totes. If you need glycol esters chemical warehousing and shipping services, we provide these, too, in our convenient Port of Houston vicinity.

Our team is eager to hear how we can help you with your chemical blending and storage needs, so contact us today to learn more.