Oils are neutral, nonpolar chemical substances that are hydrophobic (immiscible with water) and lipophilic (literally “fat loving”). Oils are usually flammable and slippery.

Boiled Linseed Oil
This traditional wood finish and preservative is processed to dry faster than raw linseed oil. Mix with alkyd paints and other coatings or use alone to aid water repellency and to resist weather and retards cracking, checking and shrinking. Boiled linseed oil is used to thin oil-based paints or stains and to treat exterior wood. It dries in 12 to 18 hours.

Raw Linseed Oil
This 100% pure oil is a slow-drying natural wood preservative and paint additive that has many uses. Raw linseed oil is used to thin oil-based paints or stains. When mixed with alkyd paints and other coatings or used alone, it aids water repellency and resists weather and retard cracking, checking and shrinking. Plus, it can be used to refinish furniture, restore and beautify wood paneling and treat exterior wood. It dries in two to four days.

Lamp Oil
Ultra refined lamp oils are designed to burn cleanly in brass and glass oil lamps. Our lamp oils are packaged in 16- or 32-ounce clear plastic bottles, and are available in assorted scents and colors: Bayberry (Blue), Cinnamon (Red), Citronella (Gold), Pine (Green), Unscented (Clear) and Assorted Scents.

Why SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division?
Contact us for oil blending, filling, storage and delivery. The chemists at SolvChem® Custom Packaging Division are expert custom formulators, working with quality assurance protocols that ensure high product quality and consistency of your oil products. When it comes to filling, we offer a wide range of containers and sizes. Common quantities and packages of linseed oils range from small containers up to a 55-gallon oil drum. We also provide warehousing services, with delivery upon request.

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