Chlorinated Solvents

Chlorinated Solvents

Chlorinated solvents are a large family of chlorine-containing chemical compounds used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial purposes.

Carbon Tetrachloride
For non-household use only — chlorinating, compounders, electroplating, fats, fire extinguishers, fumigant, intermediates, metal degreasing, oils, refrigerants and rubber.

Methylene Chloride
Uses include ammunition, blowing agent, boats, cellulose acetate, coatings, compounders, cosmetics, degreasers, detergents, electrical, electronics, electroplating, engravings, fiberglass, gelatin, glass products, glue, lacquers, lithography, municipalities, oils and greases, paint removers, paints, pesticides, petroleum and coal, pharmaceuticals, photography, plastics, propellant, resins, soaps, solvent, solvent blends, solvent extraction, television picture tubes, transportation, utilities and varnishes.

This liquid is used for anodizing, batteries, cellulosic fibers, cold degreasing, compounders, detergents, dry cleaning solvent, drying agent, elastomers, electronics, electroplating, engraving, fiberglass, fluorocarbon manufacturing, gelatin, glue, heat transfer, lacquers, laundries, municipalities, nonmetallic mines, oils and greases, optical works, paints, photography, plastics, plate printing, polishing, resins, soaps, solvents, synthetics, textiles, utilities, vapor degreasing, varnishes, vermifuge and water treatment.

Uses include adhesives, aerospace operations, ammunition, batteries, cellulosics, ceramics, coatings, compounders, diluent, dry cleaning, dyeing, electrometallurgical, electronics, electroplating, engraving, extraction solvent, fats, flushing, fumigant, gases, heat exchange, intermediates, leather, lithography, metal degreasing, municipalities, oils, paints, plastics, printing, refrigerant, solvent, sugar refining, tanning, textiles, transportation, utilities and waxes.

Used for alkalis and chlorine, aluminum, ammunition, batteries, beverages, carbon black, coatings, compounders, detergents, dry cleaners, dyeing, elastomers, electronics, electroplating, fibers, finishing, foods, gypsum, laundries, leather, lithography, metal degreasing, municipalities, oils and greases, pesticides, plastics, plywood, printing, printing and ink, pulp and paper, resins, rubber, soaps, solvent for cold and hot precision instruments, substitute for carbon tetrachloride, textile processing, transportation and utilities.

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